Hey! I'm Melissa

I help millennial women start and scale online businesses of all sizes, including blogs, podcasts, courses, coaching, and more.

I also host Figuring It Out, a playbook-in-the-form-of-a-podcast for millennials navigating life in our 20s & 30s. 

But enough about me.

Let's taco bout you. 🌮

How can I help you today? Look at all these options!

Listen to the podcast

Figuring It Out is the podcast for millennials navigating life in our 20s & 30s. We cover everything from negotiation to online dating apps.

Join the community

I'm launching a learning community of millennial women building online businesses. Click the lil' microphone to learn more.

Contact me

Are you hoping to join the next group program (launching September 2018) or looking for something else? Reach out to me anytime!

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