Let's build an empire together

Welcome to the modern millennial playbook.

Each week, we explore a new topic through stories, interviews, and listener submissions, and the goal is to empower listeners to take little, manageable steps toward becoming our best selves.

Why “Figuring It Out?”

I'm a problem solver and optimistic by nature. I'm always curious about a better way, and I constantly annoy ask my friends, read books, or consume content to help me live my best life.
I thought there might be others on a hunt to do the same. 

What do we want to do?

What DON'T we want to do? At the heart of each episode is one major theme or question. Whether we're digging into businesses, relationships, productivity, goal setting, or book recommendations, we're curious to learn more about building a great life and pursuing dreams big or small.

Who can we ask?

The “who” could be anyone from an author or expert to a podcast listener. Our goal is to spotlight diverse people and perspectives, and these guests will help us learn more about our big questions (and ourselves). 

What's the first step?

It's not enough to listen. In order for this podcast to really make a difference, we have to act on our learnings. Each week, we prompt listeners with a small “Try It Out” challenge to take action on your own.

You've got a fire inside of you,
and you dream of doing big things.

I want to help you get there.

Hi, I’m Melissa!

I help people start and grow online businesses. (Learn more about the community here.) By day, I’m the Head of Special Projects at Teachable, an online tool that allows anyone to create and sell their own online courses. I've also been a top-rated instructor at General Assembly NYC for 2+ years, and I have 1300+ students currently enrolled in my Skillshare course, “What Great Managers Do Differently.”

Outside of work and teaching, I run a popular NYC Brunch Club (on Meetup.com) and sing in a pop & rock choir. Oh, and I love ice cream.

Why did I start this podcast?

I’m the oldest of three girls, and I fit every “oldest kid” stereotype in the book. I’ve always tried to figure life out so that my sisters had just a little more knowledge than I did, like which teachers to avoid, or how to set a budget after college. I got used to being a role model, but I also learned that I enjoyed teaching and have a natural curiosity about how to live my best life.

Connect with me on Instagram at @melissaguller.com

This sounds amazing. 

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