Melissa’s Testimonials

Kind Words

Melissa's Testimonials
  • An absolute rockstar

    Melissa is, bar none, the most talented project manager I've ever worked with. She's an absolute rockstar when it comes to empowering and developing her team, dealing with leadership and keeping other departments in the loop. If I ever start my own company she's my first hire.

    Will Green
    I run 8-figure marketing teams.
  • She has a gift

    If you've ever met Melissa, you know that she has a gift. She can take the most complex, tangled, crazy issue you can find, sort it out and turn it into a project that can move forward quickly and efficiently. On top of that, she's one of the kindest, funniest, most talented people I've ever had the chance to work with.

    Erik Larson
    Marketing CRM Specialist
  • Bright as they come

    A brief list of her attributes would have to include: bright as they come, a great team player, dedicated to excellence in her own and in her team's performance, a very quick learner and a patient mentor. Melissa is creative, kind and has great interpersonal skills. She embodied all the best in being a disruptor -willing to depart from "the way we do it" and suggest the better way develop advocates and adherents.

    Fred Bailey
    Leadership Coach, Consultant, Recruiter
    Nauset Consulting
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